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... Gallery of Indian Art
... Gallery at Star Hill
...  Jade Museum
... National Sports Complex
( Complex Sukan Negara )
... India Mosque
... Morib Beach
... Money Museum ( Muzium Wang )
... Orchid Garden ( Kebun Orkid )
... Orang Asli Centre
...  Panggung Anniversary
...  Parliament House
... Performing Arts Costume Gallery
... Pucuk Rebung Museum Gallery
... Royal Selangor Pewter
... Satay Kajang
... Selangor Pewter Showroom
... Sunway Lagoon
... Sutra Dance Theatre
... Sri Mahamariaman Temple
... Thean Hou Buddhist Temple

... Hotels

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Truly more every visit. It must be Malaysia.
This vibrant capital of Malaysia had its origins as a tin mining outpost in the l800s. The hub of commerce, politics, culture and education, KL’s skyline is a striking contrast of ultra-modern structures and charming heritage buildings.

The imposing Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin building, is a major draw for most visitors. Ill’s fascinating sights, irresistible shopping, endless festivals, exciting nightlife and gastronomic delights make it an exciting holiday destination.

Kuala Lumpur, welcome to you.

satey kajang
One of key attractions is its extreme contrasts. Towering skyscrapers look down upon wooden houses built on stilts,
and five-star hotels sit several metres away from ancient reefs.
For the perfect holiday full of surprises, eclectic cultures and natural wonders, the time is now, the place is Malaysia.

Be the Kuala Lumpur as your holiday destination, you will have the time of your life with fond memories that will last forever.

Welcome - There is so much attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Enjoy and Experience on it!
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Enjoy all the videos and events show @ Malaysia
The website also showcase live event too!

  visit   List of Malaysia Public Holiday 2015

KL Tourism Master Plan 2015-2025 Unveiled
The plan was to place the city as a one-stop tourism generator in Asia. The initiatives spans across 10 tourism segments and enablers including culture, heritage, places of interest, shopping, entertainment, nature and adventure, luxury travel, sports and medical and wellness.read more

Kuala Lumpur Dwellers Getting Ready For A World Class City
Mayor of Kuala Lumpur said a timeline has been set for Kuala Lumpur to emerge as a world class city nine years from now. The city's administrators are working to improve Kuala Lumpur's ranking from 79 to 20th by 2020 to be within the list of world class cities.read more

Single Ticket For Entire Journey On LRT Lines
With the integrated ticketing system which uses a new MyRapid Pass and tokens for single journeys, LRT commuters would have the comfort of using a single ticket for the entire journey despite needing to change lines, said Prasarana in a statement today. read more

Malaysia Green And Clean Campaign was launched
As part of the Tourism Ministry’s efforts to achieve its target of 36 million arrivals a year by 2020, it has embarked on a new nationwide campaign: “1Malaysia Green and Clean”. This campaign is aimed at changing the mindset, habit and attitude of Malaysians towards cleanliness. read more

Let's support this campaign
Together We Keep 1Malaysia Green And Clean

Malaysia voted Asia’s 2nd best destination by ‘Go Asia’
Malaysia's homestay programmes which are popular with Koreans and Japanese who stay for two to three days with Malaysian families to get a first-hand experience of living in a Malaysian home, would be marketed in Germany and other European countries read more

Kuala Lumpur voted one of seven magnificent cities in the world
From a long list of 1200 nominees from 220 countries the list was narrowed down to 28 through qualification and selection process. Top 28 cities went through three phases of worldwide vote until seven cities were chosen.read more

  visit   visit to malaysiaMalaysia lends itself very well as an ideal destination for a holiday. Good infrastructure and easy accessibility along with a combination of transportation choices makes travelling fast and easy with an exciting. And the other hand Malaysia has a wealth of diverse attractions such as golden sandy beaches, islands, resorts, shopping, exotic cuisines, exotic under water marine life, sweeping coastlines, sporting events, modern environment, tropical beauty with flora and fauna, multi-ethnic cultures, cities and villages which make your trip an enjoyable and fantastic.

visit   Google Maps Zooms in on Malaysia
The Malaysian version of Google Maps will include information on roads, addresses and hundreds of thousands of businesses all over the country to provide users with a comprehensive, fast and easy-to-use source of local information, such as online maps, satellite imagery, driving directions, addresses and businesses listings.Users can search any Malaysian travel destination - landmarks, shopping centres, parks, etc - with no sweat involved.


visit   Now visit-to-kl.com is imbedded with google map!
no excuse now to visit us! :)
p/s: site updating with map under progress.

visit   Bandar Tasik Selatan Ganti Terminal Puduraya
Projek Terminal Pengangkutan Bersepadu Bandar Tasik Selatan bernilai RM570 juta bagi mengambil alih fungsi Terminal Puduraya yang uzur sekali gus memberikan keselesaan kepada pengguna dijangka mula digunakan pada 2010.

LCCT to get bigger and better
THE number of passenger arrivals at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT-KLIA) in Sepang is expected to reach nine million by the end of this year, an increase of 1.4 million from last year, said Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) senior general manager (operations) Datuk Azmi Murad.

Places to vine and dine in Kuala Lumpur
Listed several interest places for vine and dine including from outside food.

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rakan cop
Rakan COP (Friends Community Oriented Policing)
Fight Against Crime, Publics be ear and eye for Police!
Hotline: 03 2115 9999 or SMS: POLISMK to 32728
For info:http://www.rakancop.net
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Hop On-Hop Off Double Decker Bus in Kuala Lumpur
The first of its kind in Malaysia, it is built based on the "hop on hop off" concept. Tourists can now go to 42 major attractions in Kuala Lumpur in just one bus. More info..
rapid kl
RAPID KL - Convenient and comfortable travel anywhere in KL
Have RM2 can travel
Just one RM2 ticket for the day and you can ride all over the city, hop on and off at as many shops as you wish. Take the RAPID KL City Shuttle and enjoy convenient and comfortable travel anywhere in KL
Just a few minutes and your bus is here!
For more info:


touch n go
Now you can enjoy cashless (Touch n Go card) at Komuter, Monorel, Putra, Star, Rapid KL Bus
Selected Kuala Lumpur Youtube Video

fuel oil 10 Thing Must To do @ Kuala Lumpur
There is so much to see and do in Kuala Lumpur, but here are 10 things you must have to experience when you're here.
1) KLCC Petronas Twin Tower. Make sure come ealier to get free ticket to walk along the sky bridge. Then go to Petrosains at Level 5 in Suria KLCC and Aquaria at the Ground Floor.
2) read more

fuel oil Know your RON - The Difference between RON92, RON95, RON97 and RON99
Many said that RON92 oil is the older oil, only suitable for older cars or for cars that uses carburetor only.
There are also some that said that RON92 oil will make the engine dirty and also said that that RON92 oil is less powerful compared to RON97 and RON99. Before you make any false assumptions, let us see what the real meaning of RON is.

fuel oil Booking Airplane Fares Early Is A Must
In most cases, booking your air tickets as far in advance of your trip as possible is usually the best way to go for cheap airline tickets to your destination.
mas airplane

fuel oil Booking Kuala Lumpur hotels online new
Booking your hotel online makes planning your trip simple. Rooms are available to reserve online for many of the hotels you will find in Kuala Lumpur. Spending some time researching areas and prices before you get to KL saves you the hassle of trying to find somewhere to stay when you arrive. This will give you more time to spend enjoying the city when you get here.

Find Your Hotels Here
The tips for fuel-efficiency are valuable information to all travelers. Because petrol fuel prices is running at an all-time high and definitely cost of traveling will increase.

Shopping 3x
Malaysia is a shopper's paradise. Malaysia Ringgit exchange is comparatively lower, so the money from outside can be stretched further here. Shopping in Kuala Lumpur, the commercial hub of the country promises variety, value and convenience.

Among those items, the popular for visitors and recommended to look closely is batik, pewterware, pottery, silk, gold, woodcarving, quality fabrics, elegant footwear, exclusive watches, computer, camera, electrical appliances, electronic equipment and do not forgot to try varieties of foods here.

When to shopping
The Mega Sale Shopping Carnival is the episode where everybody wants to buy everything. Your pocket will light because of crazy price offered. This event held three times a year where usually at month April, August and December.
Shopping centre mostly operate from 10am to 10pm.
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public transportation
Modern Public Transportation System
TAXIS - taxi fares are based on a meter rate. The normal fare is RM2 for the first km and passengers will be charged 10sen for every 200m and 10sen for every 45 seconds of idle time (traffic jams).
BUSES - bus service such as Rapid KL, Metrobus, City Liner and Feeder Buses can bring you every place at KL with cheaper cost. The main bus terminals are KL Sentral, Puduraya, Hentian Putra, Pekeliling and Hentian Duta.
LRT - KTM Komuter, KL Monorail, Putra, STAR and ERL is Light Rail Transit service available here - view the map route.
For those looking for a different cultural experience, or even just a great holiday destination, then adding Malaysia to your travel list will not disappoint. A Malaysian holiday can be a relaxed resort style getaway on one of the islands such as Sabah or Langkawi, bargain shopping and sight-seeing in the capital Kuala Lumpur, or perhaps a combination of both to let you experience the diversity of this amazing country.
So you know you're going on vacation. You know you need to find a good hotel that isn't going to break the bank. You figure that you can use the internet to find that perfect hotel choice, but what's the best way to go about finding it online? Read on for some tips for making your online research most profitable.

Backpacking The first spring day that I can hike without my coat motivates me to grab my large backpack and prepare for a long trek....

Have you ever had a backpacking trip that was a disaster - even though you brought everything you needed? Maybe you had matches, but couldn't get....

Maybe your favorite backpacking food is a freeze-dried turkey dinner. There really is no "best" backpacking food. There are reasons to bring certain foods, though....
proton chancellorIf you are planning to do any traveling, either business or personal, you’ll likely want to rent a car upon arrival at your destination. Most airports have car rental agencies onsite for your convenience. These tips on how to rent a car will help you get the best deal.
Whenever one travels, the two most expensive elements are airfare and accommodation. It is for this reason that many people are not able to travel nearly as often as they would like. Some people, however, who have no more income than the average person, seem to constantly be taking trips.
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