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Home > Kuala Lumpur Attraction > Templer's park

Templer's park named after Sir Gerald Templer, a colonial administrator, rich in natural wilderness beauty is templer's park, located 21km north of kuala Lumpur . A verdant forest reserve forming a 1,214 hectares green lung for the cityfolk, templer's park attracts nature lovers, photographers and picnickers.

Waterfalls and mountain streams feed the thriving vegetarian here. Soft mosses cover the forest floor and huge ferns grow as epiphytes, while matured trees form soaring canopies. Within v green haven, various forms of wildlife such as monkeys, birds and numerous species of insects can be found.

For most visitors, the attraction here is the gushing waters of the waterfall. Sheltered picnic spots and changing areas are provided and walkways have been built where necessary to ensure safety. There are restaurants, food stalls and ample parking space. For overnight stay, there are chalets and camping facilities for visitors.

Bring along a change of clothes, swimwear, insert repellant and a pair of binoculars if you are into bird watching. Wear suitable shoes as the around
the waterfall can be slippery.

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