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Home > Kuala Lumpur Attraction > Telekom Museum / Muzium Telekomunikasi Negara

Muzium Telekomunikasi Negara, better known as Muzium Telekom by the locals, is the first interactive museum in Malaysia. A visit to the museum promises to be an informative experience. Upon entering, chronological accounts of every milestone in the nation's telecommunications history are revealed, supported by a wealth of artifacts from the respective eras and soundscapes.

From the sounds of the 'ketuk-ketuk' in the early days to the cellular phones of the hi-tech global networks of today, the Museum explores the stories of the people and technologies that keep us in touch with one another and the world.

Enjoy reproductions of historical photographs and printed materials, soundscapes and a wealth of artifacts as the Museum attempts to recreate the interesting and often hidden, behind-the-scene stories of the pioneers of telecommunications that have helped forge a nation. Beginning with the advent of the Morse Code in the 1870s in Malaysia, the Museum experience takes you on an audio-visual journey through the history of the early methods in relaying information.

A postal and telegraph office was set up to reinforce colonial administration throughout the growing settlements and towns. You will also be able to listen to the personal reminiscences of those who, quite literally, cleared the path through the jungles and mountains to bring the lines of telecommunications to outlying stations and villages.

You will experience 'The Story' throuh the eyes, recollections and legacies of the early pioneers and extraordinary women involved in helping build a modern nation.So for recreations of historical events, soundscapes, artifacts and the most spectacular model of a Malaysian city, do come by the Muzium Telekom and leave enriched.

Location : Menara Kuala Lumpur
Contact no. : 03-2020 6839
Open : From 9.30am - 5pm (Closed on Mondays)
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